April 19th, 12:00PM Central

Join me for my first business-related livestream! I’m going to be talking all about “DIY” website builders (Wix, Weebly, even free or commercial WordPress themes!).


  • 0:49 - the cutest office dog moment ever
  • 1:20 - an overview of my services and who I try to serve
  • 3:04 - who my ideal client is not
  • 4:22 - I answer the question I get a lot from business owners: "Can I just use a builder and build a website myself?"
  • 5:16 - why you should hire a designer/developer even if you are using a self-builder tool
  • 8:16 - I throw my boyfriend under the bus for stealing all the Internet (spoiler alert: it was not his fault)
  • 8:48 - my awesome dad shares his support for my business (thanks dad!) 
  • 10:06 - why I'm super qualified to work on your sites
  • 10:38 - I talk about deciding to invest in your business and the importance of making sure you are getting ROI (Return On Investment)
  • 11:29 - visible brain fart #1
  • 12:23 - a common frustration my clients often have + how I can be a solution for them
  • 12:55 - a meditation on the value of your time (especially as an entrepreneur!) 
  • 13:23 - the bottom line answer to the question posed back at 4:22
  • 13:48 - more information about my services as relate to self-builder tools
  • 14:34 - why I don't think self-builder tools are inherently unprofessional
  • 15:05 - the sneaky reason why you'll hear developers tell you not to use self-builders
  • 15:28 - some tips to make your self-built website look more professional and compete better in your industry
  • 16:06 - one big barrier you do come up across while using self-builders
  • 16:26 - the most important thing you absolutely need to purchase for your small business website from the beginning
  • 17:30 - more tips for using self-builders
  • 18:12 - how to know when you are ready to switch to a more customized website
  • 19:06 - when you may not need to switch your site, ever!
  • 20:20 - my hard line approach on not overselling my services
  • 21:47 - the benefits of having a custom site in a CMS (content management system) such as WordPress
  • 22:20 - more thoughts on the barrier presented at 16:06
  • 23:36 - visible brain fart #2
  • 24:44 - a call for future livestream topic suggestions
  • 24:09 - in which I refer to the generations younger than me as "the kids" (oof) 
  • 26:30 - Willie Nelson the office dog makes his final appearance (for this video! he'll be around for future ones and is the unofficial official Kerns Web Development mascot!)