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Woman Practices Work Life Balance With Her Child

Work-Life Balance Tips for Entrepreneurs

Work-life balance is a challenge for many small business owners. It’s easy to fall into the habit of checking email from bed or answering work calls while you’re on date night with your partner. If we don’t focus on maintaining work-life balance, work can creep into our evenings and weekends. It’s also easy to push...

Transparent Brain Model in Classroom

Combating Brain Fog for Work-at-Home Entrepreneurs

Working from home is difficult at best. It’s so easy to step away from your computer to run “just one load of laundry” or wash “just a couple dishes”, only to find yourself three hours later reorganizing your sock drawer and letting your work pile up in the background. However, for those of us who...

Person Working While Navigating Entrepreneurship and Chronic Illness

Entrepreneurship and Chronic Illness

I started my business for several reasons: to have more time freedom and location freedom, to be able to leave college but still start a career, because I’ve been building websites for free for years and I have a lot of fun with it. Those are usually the reasons I lead with when people ask...


Why You Need to Start a Blog For Your Small Business

Imagine: you just moved to a new town, and you need a haircut. You lived in your last town for several years, and had a good relationship with your regular stylist. She knew exactly what look you liked, and you always had great conversations while she snipped away. You were sad to move away and...


When To Invest In Yourself: 5 Questions to Ask Before Dropping the Dough

We hear it everywhere online: “Invest in yourself.” Sounds good, right? However, often the people telling us to do this are most interested in us investing in their particular product. By leveraging our desire to be the best entrepreneurs we can be, they convince us to drop inordinate amounts of money into their bank accounts....


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